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Noblesville Massage TherapY

Jody Turner, PTA, OTR,CHT, CMT. 

owner and founder of therapy based wellness, llc, dba noblesville massage therapy.

close to forty years ago I began working as a physical therapy assistant  in  South miami Florida at a community hospital, I  began  seeing and treating a variety of patients from all walks of life ; these people suffered from neurological conditions, heart, kidney, burns, wounds, and orthopedic injuries. In 1979 I studied at FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY  and obtained a  bachelor of science degree in Occupational Therapy.   from 1980-present I specialized in treating a variety of traumatic hand and arm injuries; after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, I decided to pursue a vocation in massage therapy which has led me to where I am today.

My passion as a holistic and wellness practitioner continues to soar after 40 years of working in rehabilitative medicine and massage therapy, I enjoy what I do and have seen remarkable results in the patients and clients I treat.

"Making a difference in other peoples lives is what it is all about." 

Helping people achieve what they want most, helping them to experience more mobility,  greater independence in performing routine daily activities as well as  Freedom From Pain.

Soft Tissue Mobilization or Massage has strong evidence to support decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression. It has a profound affect on the sympathetic nervous and parasympathetic system which controls: breathing, blood pressure, heart rate and more. 

Soft Tissue Mobilization or Massage offer a host of benefits 

  • It helps eliminate muscle soreness after a workout
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Improves joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Cuts recovery time in half after a serious injury or illness
  • Helps alleviate body tension and stress
  • Improves circulation and removal of waste products
  • Re-oxygenates your cells and
  • Improves energy levels
  • Improves mind/body/spirit connection
  • Just plain feels good

Massage helps you to become more relaxed and healthy, so that your family life and work is more enjoyable and happy. 

Scheduling is easy by calling 317 294-0892, or using the automated booking system full slate.

I offer a 100% money back guaranteed  with your stress relief massage plan. 

Why not let me help you out or someone you know who can benefit from massage therapy or wellness services.